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Without any doubt, the best marketers of all time have been agency folks: you’ve probably heard of them: Ogilvie, Burnbach, Burnett and so on. 

It’s therefore 100% intentional that when I train marketers, I treat them like they’re agency members. It works for both agency and brand side marketers giving you the crucial insights and tools so you can bring a fresh perspective, powerful innovation and results-driven work into the business immediately.

Mastering Digital Strategy 

Course screenshotMastering Digital Strategy is 5 on-line, elite training courses that enables marketing professionals to become digital strategy leaders and C-level marketing experts. 

It gives you the power of:

  • Strategy: Learn how marketing in a digital world is radically different than marketing of the past, learn how to establish strategic brand frameworks for innovation, invigoration and meaningful brand differentiation 
  • Programs: Learn how, through the selling of digital approaches, your programs should be set up, run and budgeted for ROI on all budget spend. 
  • Customer relevancy: Learn how to segment and profile consumers through digital profiling methodologies, capture desired brand context and position your brand the right way
  • Content engagement: Learn how to map annualized brand messaging and stories for long-term brand love-and-loyalty relationships 
  • Insights through Analytics: Learn how to itemize and implement proper measurement metrics for reporting, decision making and budget optimization 

Mastering Digital Strategy is a certification program consisting of 5 course exams. It also includes 10 downloadable white-label templates for immediate application of learning into action.

“This training will transform your brand team”
Derek Lackey – Managing Partner, Newport Thomson and President, Direct Marketing Association of Canada

Price $1,295


Digital Revolution 

The Digital Revolution is a year-long elite direct consulting program for organizations looking to dominate their respective markets. Through the Digital Revolution program your organization will:

  • Have every member of their entire marketing team trained and certified on the Mastering Digital Strategy program
  • Work directly with me on developing unique customer profile grids for each of their target audiences 
  • Work directly with me to systematically map content engagement plans 
  • Work directly with me to set up best-in-class analytics for hyper understanding, insights and ROI measurement 
  • Work directly with me to author purpose-driven brand mandates enabling future growth and revenue 

Limited annual spaces available. For more information and to receive a custom contract, email Kevin directly:

©  2021  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

©  2021  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

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