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Hi, this is Kevin.

The “about me” page is always the most awkward moment for any author or consultant to pen. Usually, it’s written in the 3rd person and comes across stuffy, stoic and aloof. 

I’d rather speak to you like a known colleague and trusted friend – which, if we work together, we’ll become.

So – what is it you all want to know?

I’m a first generation Canadian, born to Dutch immigrant parents living in sunny Florida with my beautiful wife Jennifer and 3 kids. We also have a dog – a golden Labradoodle – Finnigan. But, he prefers just Finn. 

That’s probably not what you’re after.

What you are asking yourself: is this guy worth my time?

To be brutally honest, for many marketers, the answer is no.

Here’s why:

1Unless you’re willing to seriously embrace change, my programs won’t work for you.

Marketing in digital is NOT easy. You can’t take old, pre-digital work and shove it on the internet and call it “good” and expect it to work. Billions of dollars of research has proven this but sadly, that’s what many marketers still want to do.

Status quo thinking plus my programs do not fit together. If you’re uncomfortable with being uncomfortable, I’m not your guy.

2If you’re lazy, I don’t want to work with you.

I’ve spent almost 2 decades sitting in global boardrooms, consulting with agencies and brand directors and I can say with absolute confidence, marketing takes work and it does not come quick. If you aren’t willing to put in some serious time and attention into learning your craft as a marketer, this isn’t for you.

My programs and consults are not get rich quick, easy fixes. They’re big answers to huge problems. You’re going to have to put down your mobile, close the door and get to work.

3You like tactics and not strategy.

There are literally millions of online programs and tutorials on how to build this, fix that, deploy such and such. If that’s what you’re looking for, sorry, wrong place.

Marketers always say (read: whine) that marketing is an investment not a cost but those same people don’t bring anything worth investing in. They’re the door-to-door salesman of the day peddling the latest and greatest widget of tomorrow. Do this and you’re a tactician not a strategist. 

I train the best and brightest to think brilliantly and then deploy that into real action.

Are you still reading? Good.

Here’s what you will get from me:

  1. Some of the best strategic thinking and insights that you can take and use for immediate results – I give that to you for free.
  2. Offers to buy my products or partner with me as a consultant

Yes. There it is. A transparent truth. 

I believe that if I keep helping you for free, eventually you’ll want even more success and you’ll want more. It’s kind of like samples at the ice cream shop – keep trying, keep being satisfied and you’ll eventually buy.

Remember, I’m a marketer too. I want you to try the brand, try it again, try it again AND, when the brand delivers, you’ll become loyal. 

(isn’t that what you want for your brands too?)

So what do you do now?

Simple: take some of my free stuff. I’ve got white papers, worksheets, free videos, etc. 

If you like it, I know you’ll like my programs. 

If you don’t, you won’t.

Oops, I almost forgot the regular, resume-like information:

I’ve worked in marketing my whole career. I’ve worked at agencies, ran agencies, owned my own agency and naturally am somewhat proud to brag on a long list of innovation, ROI and digital awards. (happy to share if you want more)

I’ve worked in consumer, healthcare, B2B, government and not-for-profit. Worked in Europe and across North America; launched numerous first-in-class digital campaigns and also handled countless traditional marketing programs.

All that stuff has helped me become who I am now. So…

Here’s what I’ll do for you specifically:

My main focus is getting you equipped to be an awesome marketer in today’s digital world. I frankly hate the phrase “digital marketing” as it completely misses the point that marketing pre-digital and marketing post-digital are wildly, enormously and fundamentally different. 

I do this through a series of workshops, lectures and on-line courses that show you how exactly marketing has changed because of digital. Without a doubt, this is the most important thing you need to know. Once you understand this, I then focus on training you so you can develop customer-centric profiles (audience segmentation) based on real, human factors. We then hone how to communicate effectively against those profiles (can be delivered in a million different ways) and lastly, teach you how to properly look at and use analytics so you have real insights and of course, prove ROI.

Your work will revolutionize marketing. The results are outstanding. And, the best part: you’ll love what you do.

Here’s my first offer:

Cruise my site and read some of the articles I’ve written, download some of the whitepapers, or watch a video.

If you like them, take me up on the freebies. If they help you, remember me when I make you an offer.

Easy stuff. Now let’s get to work.

Kevin Adema

©  2021  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

©  2021  Emissary Insights LLC. All rights reserved.

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