The new era of marketing: Customer Lead. Digitally empowered.

What’s absurd is the idea that a complex understanding of yesterday’s reality will be relevant to a radically different tomorrow – Doug Levey

The early 2000’s saw the digital dot-com’s reinvent how business was done. Add in the presence of Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006 not to mention the thousands of other powerful media channels of Pinterest, Linkedin, tumblr, Instagram and so on, why is marketing still being done like we were stuck in the 1950’s?

This isn’t a critique on media channels but rather a reality check on how marketers still talk AT customers and not WITH them. Marketers must stop placing one-directional messages into a media that begs for dialogue.

The marketing change is NOT digital itself. (just like the change in war was not gunpowder itself) The change in marketing is the RESULT of digital; digital has changed the way marketing is done (just like war was done differently after gunpowder). Marketing is all about engagement and connection; digital has brought back the power of interpersonal connection into business.

From how you strategically approach marketing to how you shape what you say on-line, Emissary trains marketers to harness the new way of digital marketing and use it for real results. 

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