The marketing world has changed…is your organization ready?

The shift has happened…

At Emissary, we prepare marketers to be leaders and not just better vendors. With so many media channels and tactics at your disposal, the core of marketing success rests in developing control over strategy and media to maximize impact and revenue.

Central to marketing realizing success is an understanding of HOW marketing has changed because of today’s digital landscape. Over the past 100 years, marketers were trained based on the 4 P’s to focus on communicating through available media channels to drive sales of a brand’s goods or services. This approach yielded results through the previous 6 Marketing Ages (Product, Sales, Market, Target, Response and Social) but today’s Dialogue Age has changed the way marketing must be done.

With 5 turn-key training programs that teach optimal brand engagement and give specific tools for seminars, workshops and brand planning work, marketers can quickly learn to shape a brand’s offering through today’s Dialogue Age for optimal awareness, trial, engagement and conversion.

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