Strategic Digital Training: Fundamentals, Sales, Analytics, Profiling, Content.

Be the marketer your customers want you to be.

Digital is the foundation of business today and customers are desperately hunting for brands that understand how to actually engage with them.

Based on our extensive customer-first marketing experience, Emissary Insights has developed a 5-course training program that ushers your firm through the key strategic imperatives, empowering you to formalize a strong digital value proposition; drive revenue, make an impact and see tangible results.

  1. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Selling Digital (marketing agency focused)
  3. Digital Analytics for Strategic Leadership
  4. Digital profiling for optimal customer engagement
  5. Digital content and editorial planning

Get deeper with your customers and prospects, lead digital strategy, cultivate long-term programs and sustain your growth for future excellence.

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Strategy

The fundamentals overview course is designed to give your organizational team the key strategic foundations on how marketing has evolved over the past 100 years, the dynamic shift from product-centric to customer-centric strategies, today’s demand landscape and how to set the stage for strategic engagement, digital planning, customer-centric data and long-term customer engagement.

By taking the Fundamentals course, your organization will:

  1. Acquire and apply tangible insights into how marketing has changed in strategic approach through digital
  2. Integrate people-centric practices into your daily digital offerings for momentum based campaigns
  3. Utilize a sound approaches to digital excellence: shape organizational behaviors to harvest digital insights and sustain customer loyalty

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Selling Digital

Targeted specifically at marketing firms or advertising agencies, Selling Digital is all about just that: Sales. Sales. Sales. Learn how to sell more digital programs; run a business strategy session, facilitate digital consulting workshops, author program-based digital statements of work and realize long-term client engagements. Cover off three key objectives for digital sales:

  1. Acquire and apply a systematic and phased approach to digital sales resulting in increased strategic positioning and ROI shaped programs
  2. Integrate human-centric, digital action maps for cross-agency efficiency and resource alignment
  3. Obtain, utilize and deploy proven sales-based templates to drive organizational processes toward awareness, engagement and conversion in digital programs

Selling Digital is a road map to ROI.

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Digital Analytics for Strategic leadership

Analytics is no longer a rear-view mirror of campaign analysis - it’s a fluid system of insights to shape on-going relationships between brands and consumers. The shift has happened from analytics 1.0 to 2.0 and now 3.0: drive your operations and campaigns to deliver on-going awareness, engagement and conversion.
Learn how to conduct pre-campaign analytic evaluations, organize proper engagements to increase analytic approach, and shape programs around on-going customer-centric data

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Digital profiling for optimal customer engagement

Off-line profiling does not work for digital engagement. Target audience articulation is now about people-centric attributes and not just demographic profiles. From belief systems, to motivations, to sharing behaviors, down to food preferences, people are unique but with proper structure and profiling pattern approaches, digital alignment for real ROI is possible.
Learn how to conduct target audience profile workshops, customer insight mapping and develop human-centric brand profiles

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Digital content and editorial planning

What do you say and to whom is still the root art for successful marketing. Resting on the approach of awareness, engagement and conversion, your organization will be poised to listen and map ongoing relationship-based campaigns. Brand listening and voicing will structure year-over-year dynamic conversations and ultimately, bring mutual brand and customer loyalty.

Learn how to develop annualized, organic content and editorial plans for brands.

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