Coke’s global CMO backed away from digital. And it might just have cost him his job.

Coca-Cola is overhauling their marketing approach and says good-bye to Global CMO, Marcos de Quinto. Moreover, in this new era of marketing, the global beverage giant has removed the CMO position altogether and new CEO, Mr. James Quincey has a... Read More

Digital Transformation is trimming the marketing fat

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with numerous brand leaders and marketing agency principals on the topics of digital, digital transformation and moreover, digital implementation. Make no mistake: digital is the number one pressing topic... Read More

"The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated" - Digital Marketing

A guest entry on digital marketing and a clear path forward.
From Derek Lackey, Editor of and President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada.

No question. Digital Marketing is under the microscope in most... Read More

Digital's one missing ingredient?

Once upon a time, a digital marketer sat down and planned a campaign. Put it all together, baked it for the right amount of time but to his chagrin, the results were poor and the “digital cake” fell flat. 

Confused and... Read More

The Digital Tipping Point

Adobe’s recently released 2017 Digital Trends reports proves that we’re on the verge of a new digital era…and it’s about to tip.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s debut book, The Tipping Point, he explains the mysterious changes... Read More

Why Donald Trump is actually the King of Digital Marketing

Regardless of your political orientation or if you like Donald Trump or not, when you strategically look behind his campaign’s actions – especially his digital campaign actions – you’ll see that he might just be the King of... Read More

Digital marketing is sick. Is the agency to blame?

Digital marketing is sick. Very sick. Forrester’s work from over 11-million brand interactions prove that engagement levels continue to plummet, Coca-Cola has pulled back from digital, Forbes cites that only 32% of brands believe they have an... Read More

The new face of digital strategy

Renowned strategist and business guru, Michael Porter boiled strategy down to two options: 1. Do what everyone else is doing (but spend less money doing it) 2. Do something no one else can do.

Harvard Business review’s work: “What is... Read More

What today's marketers actually want from agencies

I just spent the past few days reading countless articles about what marketers were most interested in when it comes to their agency partners. The demands are steep...

Out of the gate, according to Marketing Week:

Only 8% of brands are... Read More

Your clients see you as a digital vendor. And how to fix it.

As 2016 was winding down, I had the chance to reflect on many conversations with digital marketers and how the majority of them continued to wrestle with the reality that their clients still see them as just vendors (and NOT strategic partners).... Read More

Why Social is Falling Short - the hidden answer in CMO's survey

CMO Insights just released their perspective on why social media is falling short. To quickly recap their workings:

Marketers are challenged with proving ROI and integrating social across their organizations
Social media is a highly valued... Read More

What businesses can learn from basketball camps...

No secret: today’s business climate is different and, continues to change. Rapidly. Like never before, corporate cultures have to adapt to ever-present challenges of not only staying current with technology but also managing the dynamic... Read More